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Ciph Boogie is a Brooklyn based rapper that is quickly breaking through to major mainstream success in the hip-hop world. Black Mamba, his first complete album project after first making his mark with his late 2006 “Quiet Storm” mixtape, which was hosted by world renowned mixtape DJ DJ K-Swiv. On June 28th 2011 Ciph Released the highly anticipated EP “Sometime In New York City Vol 1” to rave reviews, Ciph teamed up With Noisemaker media to create the visuals for the hit single “Never Waste Your Time” featuring Phil Geston.. the video was featured on Notable Hip-Hop Sites Like Hip-Hop DX, Kevin Nottingham, & Yahoo Music. Ciph is Currently in the process of recording the follow up to “Sometime In New York city vol 1”
Devi Ward is the Co-Founder Authentic, and Founder of Feminine Emergence. She has supported and encouraged many women to fully embrace their sensuality and claim their personal sexual empowerment. Devi Ward is the Co-Founder of Authentic Tantra™ the only sexual education in the world offering qualified instruction in The Secret Tibetan 5 Element Sexual Teachings. Author of “Shake Your Soul Song- A Women’s Guide To Self-Empowerment Through The Art of Self-Pleasure” which offers Authentic Tantra™ education and guidance for awakening the multi-orgasmic potential of every woman.
Recording Artist/Actor Lovari – Join me as I welcome Recording artist/actor Lovari.#1 iTunes R&B Single New Releases Chart, featured on Perez Hilton. No Holding Back on iTunes Top 100 U.S. Chart.
Cyber Bullying Holli Kenley – is a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist . She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling. She has worked in a variety of settings: a women’s shelter, a counseling center and in private practice. Counseling with adolescents, teens, young and older adults, Holli’s areas of training and experience include sexual trauma, abuse, addiction, codependency, domestic violence, betrayal and cyber bullying. Holli is the author of numerous published articles and in 2010, she authored her second book, Breaking Through Betrayal: And Recovering the Peace Within. Recently released are two e-singles: Betrayal-Proof Your Relationship: What Couples Need To Know And Do and cyber bullying no more: Parenting a High Tech Generation.
Looking back at 2012! What are your resolutions? What are you bringing into 2013? Also we will take a look at the many events that occurred within this exciting year of 2012!
Jayne Jones and Alicia Long cut their political teeth as idealistic young staffers on Capitol Hill working for former US Senator Norm Coleman. That experience led them to write Capitol Hell, the newest book to give readers a glimpse into what life is really like inside of the beltway. Capitol Hell is a witty novel about the crazy co-workers, high maintenance politicians, and the over-the-top entourages that only a political insider gets to see.

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