From A Pimp’s Perspective with M&M

From A Pimp’s Perspective!

pimps_perspective Ex-Pimp M&M and current educator and artist brings the real deal of love, life, relationships, and just any situation into a perspective that you may not have thought of before. Just how does a Pimp get a woman to do all of those crazy things for him? How does he suck her into a life a debauchery? It’s not luck my friends, its a skill that most of these men are born with but others learn how to do. M&M is a little of both. He learned his craft watching other men around him as he was growing up but most of his “skill” is pure inbred instinct. M&M’s segment called “From a Pimp’s Perspective” will take the show’s topic and spin it around on a curve and take it from another angle!


So listen in, hey you might learn something!

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